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I am Miami-based photographer. Originally from Venezuela, I relocated to Miami in 2015. My desire to create and capture images has always been a part of me. I began taking photos as a young teen inspired by my mother and sister and my desire to make them feel beautiful and special.

My passion for photography and my ability of creating unique content is what drives me to continue.

My experience is diverse …although I mostly do fashion… I love to experiment with photography and the levels of expressions it can offer. I worked as a Creative Director producing content for marketing, publicity and landscaping. I love to engage, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere with the people I photograph which helps me bring the true spirit of my subjects while making the experience an enjoyable one and making my clients feel comfortable.

I’ve appeared in countless media publications, both internationally and locally – including many Latin American and Mexican magazines such as HOLA Venezuela & TENDENCIAS Magazine. My work has also appeared in US magazines like PEOPLE Spanol, HOLA USA & TVyNovelas. Most recently nine of my photographs appeared in VOGUE Italia - Photovogue .

I am a professional and committed to my work, always expanding and learning new things and staying at the forefront of this highly competitive field. Through my unique perspective and sensibility I’ve developed a great appreciation of the people I meet, the places I go and everything that this job entails.


Gerardo Briceño





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